5 TRACK Guided Meditation Album
+ BONUS 5 Part Challenge to help you
create more calm amongst the chaos

We all have those days where everything pushes our buttons, everything seems hard and our fuses seem to only be millimetres long

The pressure of motherhood is real. It can leave us in a state of total overwhelm and make us constantly question whether we are doing or being our best. Sometimes it tips us over the edge. This is common, but it’s not ok. 

Each day we are given the choice to either really be present in our day, enjoy where we’re at, to revel in the small moments OR to wish the hours away, start the countdown to bedtime at 8am and do whatever it is we can just to get through the chaos.

On those hard days, when the kids are running riot and our list or chores seem to go on forever, we often choose to do the latter. BUT there is no reason why we can’t be present in the moment and be totally ok with all that’s going down - even when we are surrounded by chaos.

I know it probably sounds hard, or damn near impossible; to keep your cool amongst the crazy…but believe me when I say it’s entirely possible! 

I know you know the days I’m talking about...

I've created this meditation album + bonus bundle to help you find that calm, to show you it's possible.
So let me guide the way!

when you're feeling a little scattered or need to calm the anxious feelings

Grounding &

For those days When Motivation & Energy 
Are Feeling Low

Energise &

Melt into relaxation With this Sequential Body Relaxation Track 


meditation album tracks

When time is short and Chaos is reigning 
keep it simple

3 Minute

for those days where you need a little reminding
because you ARE enough!

You Are

Let go of all the BS that's weighing you down to create some space for joy


track 1

Track 2

Track 3

track 4

track 5

bonus track

Let's Do This!

What You Receive

- 5 x 10-12 min Guided Meditations to help you relax after a long day, re-energise when your mojo is low, ground when you're feeling scattered, let go of anger, worry, whatever else is holding you back and send yourself some much needed love and gratitude when you're thoughts/inner self talk isn't so crash hot!

- BONUS 3 Minute Guided Meditation to help you find your centre even when time is tight

- 5 Part Calm As A Mother Challenge, with short instructional videos and simple action steps to help you create more calm amongst the chaos in your everyday life